Here are examples of social responsibility we practices internally and these can be achieved by different means. It is possible for companies to practice good social responsibility without compromising client demands for profitability. What we want to say is that having a good moral standard is not impossible in today's demanding global economy.


Having offices situated in the region gives us the local coverage of markets within the search, events and properties business space. By having these offices placed strategically across the region, we contribute in various ways to the economy of the locality.


We see the importance of an individual and we believe that there are opportunities for everyone thus we promote policies that are impartial and internally fair regarding delegation, compensation and career direction. We work in an open environment that encourages equality and transparency within and practice these consistently to have and maintain a better work-environment relationship.


We care for the environment and being a company that not only shows concern for its business but also for our environment is one of our endeavors. We do this by having environmentally friendly technology to support our business by utilizing energy saving machineries and systems, recyclable office provisions and having internal policies, such as "Think before you print" helps us contribute to sustain the environment. Every bit of help counts no matter how big or small the action is.


Examples of these traits are everywhere and having said that, there are also examples of lack of social responsibility which can also be found. We try to become a force for good by supporting these ideals and actions that show the intent to act responsibly at all levels. Being the example of these traits can be a strong force contributing to improvement of social responsibility of the individual and that of the company towards the society it exists in.